Results of the first half year of the program of sponsoring

à l'école de Chyaksa2

Both girls sponsored in our program, Jangmu and Yangjee, are now fully integrated into their new school. They are even already among the best pupils. We have to precise that they take evening courses with their new professor in the Friends of Nature’s farm, Mr Pasang Sherpa Pasang Sherpa is one of the professors of the Tashigaon’s primary […]

Mozambique: Maputo Heart Institute

Intensive care room

The members of the Association began their first humanitarian project in Mozambique (Africa). Our contribution to this project, managed by Chain of Hope France, was a technical support for the creation of the Maputo Heart Institute. This hospital intended to look after the children with cardiovascular diseases living in poor families. This Institute develops three axes: Diagnosis […]

Haïti: School of Fond des Nègres


Araucaria association began its actions in Haiti in 2003. It began with the meeting with an Haitian exiled in France and wishing to build a school in his home town, Fond des Nègres, situated at 150 km on the West from Port aux Princes. This operation took place in 2 phases: ⇒ Construction of 12 […]

India: Spirulina of Tuttipakkam


The needs Nutritional deficiencies are numerous in India. These deficiencies are made more sensitive because: India knows for several years a massive urban migration; Fruits and vegetables are inaccessible to the deprived populations because of their price; In numerous cases the populations are vegetarians. The children, more fragile than their elders, are the first victims […]

Burkina: Dispensary of Nobéré

mission Nobere 10.2008 111

Between 2006 and 2010, the Araucaria Association conducted the rehabilitation of a maternity and a dispensary in Nobéré, city 100 kms from Ouagadougou. This work consisted in the rehabilitation of buildings and interior design (tiles, paint, supply of materials …). This restoration ensures deliveries of women from the region in a health and safety environment.