Sponsorship of-school children of Makalu valleys

To sponsor a child is to give him all his chances to become a free adult and actor of the development of his country, it is also to assure a balance of friendship between the North and the South.


Situation of our action


  • In full pension: 40€ a month
  • In half pension: 20€ / month
  • In full pension over 6 months: 20€ / month (on every month of the year)

Having helped in the reconstruction of the primary public school of chyaksa danda, it seemed to us normal to continue our project by trying to favor the insertion or the reintegration of the children to the school.

First of all, try to create a virtuous circle with a public school which will be a model school for the district in 2015, thanks to the motivation of its professors, thanks to its new management (Dawa was appointed Principal in June, 2014) and thanks to the modern equipments with which it will be equipped as well as that of Tashigaon in September, 2014.

Then, we found three types of reasons why child are often removed from school:

  • They are too much away from a school and the parents cannot pay a pension to welcome them;
  • They are not too far from a school but their parents need them to work on the field;
  • The parents migrate to the high valleys in spring and in autumn (6 months), taking their children with them.

Three bad reasons for abandoning the school and thus for acquiring the education allowing to develop as adult free and capable of managing a family with dignity.

That is why Araucaria and Friends Of Nature (FON), association of young Nepalese academics collaborate to this new project in three sectors:

  • Sponsor a child over a period defined in full board. FON is responsible for the schooling in a school of closeness (Tashigaon or Chyaksa danda), of fooding and the place setting of the child. Every evening, a qualified member helps in to owe and give additional lessons, in particular English.
  • Sponsor a child in half board. FON is responsible for the child of 10 am in the morning in 7:30 in the evening. FON assures the schooling in Tashigaon or Chyaksa danda, the lunch, and the complementary evening lessons.
  • Sponsor a child in full board when the parents join the high valleys.

For these three types of sponsoring, the children are selected with the agreement of their parents and according to our capacities of payment. They have to be unschooled at the time of  establishment of the file of sponsoring.

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