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You can see the details of our actions here. You wish to participate ? Make a donation. The payment by paypal is secured.
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We are a small association composed with volunteers. There is practically no administrative cost. You are assured:

  • of a 100% use of your donations for the beneficiaries of the project whom you choose to support;
  • of the follow-up on the ground by araucaria and our partners, voluntary local associations.

Araucaria is an association of general interest. As such, every donation gives right to an equivalent reduction of 66 % of the french income taxes. For example, if your donation is 100€ in 2014, you will receive, on simple demand, a fiscal receipt on behalf of Araucaria. This one will allow you to deduct 66€ of your income taxes within the limits of 20 % of your income 2014.

If you wish to favor a particular action, or to receive a fiscal receipt, or still to leave to us a comment, a suggestion, a remark, you just have to fill the questionnaire below.