Sponsorship of-school children of Makalu valleys


To sponsor a child is to give him all his chances to become a free adult and actor of the development of his country, it is also to assure a balance of friendship between the North and the South. Budget: In full pension: 40€ a month In half pension: 20€ / month In full pension […]

Overcome the nutritional deficiencies of the children of Makalu


In the valleys of Makalu (district of Sankhuwabha), the whole population has a food mainly based on rice and cooked vegetables. The vitamin deficiencies linked with the absence of fruits lead the children to be constantly sick (colds, pharyngitises and bronchitises). Araucaria collaborates with Friends Of Nature, Nepalese association of young academics to bring to the […]

A School for Chyaksa danda


In July, 2014 : the main building of 5 classrooms is finished, toilets under construction, will be paid by the Nepalese government; Dawa, new Principal of the school, draws up a list of the equipments which will make of the school a pilot for the education in the region; Araucaria supports also the equipment of the […]