Haïti: School of Fond des Nègres

Araucaria association began its actions in Haiti in 2003.

It began with the meeting with an Haitian exiled in France and wishing to build a school in his home town, Fond des Nègres, situated at 150 km on the West from Port aux Princes.

This operation took place in 2 phases:

⇒ Construction of 12 classrooms (2005-2006) and purchase of school equipments;

⇒ Construction of 6 additional classes, an infirmary, a library and creation of a power supply by solar panels (2006-2008).

The objective of this school is to offer a quality school to the children of the region, in particular the most needy. The access is free at the school for the poorest.

The school was inaugurated in 2007.

Araucaria was Contracting Authority for the first phase and Assistant to Contracting Authority for the second.

Araucaria joined with another NGO which, through a system of sponsoring, assures the financing of the salary of the teachers and the running costs.

The earthquake of 2010 had no important consequences on the school considering its estrangement of the epicenter. The schooling was assured at first in the court, before the 500 children can reinstate their classes in complete safety.

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