Mozambique: Maputo Heart Institute

The members of the Association began their first humanitarian project in Mozambique (Africa).

Our contribution to this project, managed by Chain of Hope France, was a technical support for the creation of the Maputo Heart Institute. This hospital intended to look after the children with cardiovascular diseases living in poor families.

This Institute develops three axes:

  • Diagnosis and treatment with an objective of 200 annual operations
  • Prevention of the rheumatoid arthritis
  • Academic Centre for the training and the research

We participated through missions of expertise for the construction of the buildings, for the implementation of the Board of directors of the Institute and we financed an open heart operation  and an intervention by catheter for two children of Maputo.

This 1200 m² hospital contains in particular: 2 surgical units, 8 beds of resuscitation, 12 beds of hospitalization, a room of radiography.

The Institute was inaugurated in 2001.

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