Who are we?


Created in November, 2002, Araucaria is a small French association governed by the law of July 1st, 1901. Its object, registered in its statutes, is “to promote and realize projects favoring, in particular, the education and the health of the children”. Its action takes place in France or in developing countries.

It is thus of general interest, without any remuneration nor profit for its members, every volunteers.


Both principles of Araucaria are:

  • A project, to be useful, must be built in cooperation with the future beneficiaries. They are dominating part in the expression of needs and in the management of the realizations.
  • The human relations are essential for a project to be led to its good end. The relations are happy when they are balanced. We so much have to learn from others than they have to learn of us.


Araucaria realized, since 2002, projects in Africa, in Haiti, in India and in Nepal.

2002: financing of an open-heart surgery and an intervention by catheter in the Institute of the Heart of Maputo (Mozambique)

2004 – 2009: construction of a primary school at Fond des Nègres in Haiti for 500 children

2008: rehabilitation and equipment of a health center in Burkina Faso

2008 – 2011: implementation of a farm of spiruline in Pondicherry in India

2013 – 2014: reconstruction and equipment of a primary school in Chyaksa danda in Nepal

Why “Araucaria”?


The name “Araucaria” also carries a double symbol:

At first, it is the tree which grows abundantly in the country where we began our first project at the beginning of 2000s: Mozambique.

Its familiar name is also the Despair of the Monkeys because they manage to rise easily there but cannot get down without difficulty because of needles growing towards the sky. We want that it goes in the same way for the realization of our project: when we climb, what can be the difficulties, we have no other alternative than to go up always, continue our projects until their good end!


President: Jean-François DELEVAL

Secretary: Hélène ALLIAS

Treasurer: Bernard ALLIAS

Active members: Bernadette and Claude HURBIN, Sylvie DELEVAL

Partner Associations:

Chain of the Hope: www.chainedelespoir.org

The Volontariat (India): www.volontariat-inde.org

Codegaz (France): www.codegaz.org

Friends Of Nature: www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-Of-Nature/195531383949064