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Nepal, First Solidarity Travel in November, 2016

Nepal, First Solidarity Travel in November, 2016

The CCAS, our main donor for our actions in Nepal, organizes a journey which will allow the employees of the electricity and gas industries to discover the work which have been done with Friends of Nature: sponsoring, schools of Chyaksa danda and Tashigaon, kiwis crop

Makalu – Mission in May 2016

réunion Parrainage 2 Robesha

The week spent in Makalu allowed us to review our projects.

Spirulina of Tuttipakkam – March 2016 Audit

vue ensemble

It has been two years since we had returned on the spot. It is good to review from time to time to participate in the orientation of the Spirulina program. We analyzed the results of 2015 …

Rebuilding of the Robesha’s Farm


The farm of Robesha, destroyed by the earthquake of April 25th, 2015, is practically reconstructed, thanks to your participations, also thanks to the audacity of the workers!

October 2015 Mission in Nepal – Report

Avec Friends of Nature à Khandbari

An intensive work with our friends of Friends of Nature, in Khandbari and in Makalu to review current projects and begin the new actions for 2016! All our efforts converge to improve the sanitary and educational conditions of the children.

October 2015 Mission in Makalu (Nepal)

October 2015 Mission in Makalu (Nepal)

Araucaria and Friends of Nature meet on October 6th in Seduwa to review their projects and launch new ones. Many subjects in perspective