Spirulina of Tuttipakkam – March 2016 Audit

It has been two years since we had returned on the spot. It is good to review from time to time to participate in the orientation of the Spirulina program. We analyzed the results of 2015 …

The too important stocks, accumulated in 2014, returned to very acceptable levels in 2015 (from 428 to 110 kg) thanks to an increase of the distribution to the children of the Voluntariat (290 kg) and thanks to an increase of sales (294 kg).

The production fell as a result from 418 kg to a 263 kg. The quality of the spiruline is always very correct.

Year 2015 is thus one year of transition to strengthen the commercial sector, keeping an excellent social coefficient: half of the spiruline is distributed to the children and other half, sold, allows to balance the accounts.

7 years after the beginning of the project, we can all congratulate ourselves on its exemplary success. It is a teamwork, with the Managers of Exploitation Prem, of the Maintenance Chankar, the harvesters, the Manager of the Farm Thirumal and the Central Management of the Voluntariat. Bravo to them all!

The doctors and the social workers whom I met, very close to children, all asserted me having noticed a sensitive improvement of the health of the children and a better concentration to the school, thanks to the daily contribution of the spirulina.

distrib spiruline

Objective reached, Araucaria and its donors can also be proud of it!

It will be necessary to continue to support this program. If the distribution remains and the production returns at the level of 2014, it will be necessary to envisage seriously an extension of the production unit by endowing it with two new ponds of 100 m ²!


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