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October 2015 Mission in Makalu (Nepal)

October 2015 Mission in Makalu (Nepal)

Araucaria and Friends of Nature meet on October 6th in Seduwa to review their projects and launch new ones. Many subjects in perspective

Wholeheartedly with our friends of Nepal!

des immeubles se sont effondres a lalitpur

The school of Chyaksa danda, our first project, has not been damaged. On the other hand, the farm of Friends of Nature, the base for our Sponsoring Program has suffered. With a small donation, you can help us to reconstruct this building, necessary for the housing of the children. Our mission, planned from May 4th, is compromised […]

A School for Chyaksa danda


In July, 2014 : the main building of 5 classrooms is finished, toilets under construction, will be paid by the Nepalese government; Dawa, new Principal of the school, draws up a list of the equipments which will make of the school a pilot for the education in the region; Araucaria supports also the equipment of the […]