October 2015 Mission in Nepal – Report

Avec Friends of Nature à Khandbari

Avec Friends of Nature à Khandbari: Sunita, Dawa, Bhuwan, Ganesh et Jean-François

This mission made by Jean-François from October 3rd to November 2nd, 2015 was successfully realized. Here are the principal points:


 « A School for Chyaksa danda » :

  • The new building is occupied by the pupils (3 of the 5 classes). All the pupils are now included in classes equipped with benches and with whiteboards.
    The video device does not still work: no plug adapted to the school’s computer, not enough power supplied by the continuous / alternative converter. Fast search has to be made for an adapter and a correct converter locally or in France.
  • Toilet: they are padlocked because there is no water to Chyaksa danda. Dry toilets have been refused in the specifications, it’s a pity. But meanwhile, two springs are discovered on the tops of Chyaksa. Bring the water, even at intervals towards a 1000 liters container within the school to put toilets into service and teach the hygiene to the children.
  • The School’s Committee asks Araucaria to transfer 25000RS / month to pay the salary of a qualified professor of English. To be discussed by Araucaria. I am pessimistic and think that it would be more realistic that Dawa, existing English Teacher, improves his english by means of computing supports which we can supply him. Recommendation already made in May, 2014 by the President of Friends Of Nature and myself.
  • The school of Tashigaon was shaken by the earthquake of 2015, April. The Head teacher, which has already received 50 000Rs of the equipments (benches, whiteboards, markers) demand to Araucaria 500 000Rs to strengthen his school. The request will be analyzed by Araucaria but we have no financing for this today.
  • The plastic bulletin board on the Chyaksa danda school’s front wall splits. It is an essential element of communication for trekkers, in particular French trekkers. It will be redone on a painted wooden support. It will be added to it, below and readable from the path: www.associationaraucaria.org as well as the name of Friends Of Nature’s site if it has been created in the meantime.

Une Classe de l’école de Tashigaon

classe Chiaksa danda

Une classe de l’école de Chyaksa danda

Sponsoring Program:


  • It was difficult to find the children and their families nevertheless convened by the director of the school. They were “caught up” in the fields (vacation period of the “Dashain” festival) to offer them some presents of the sponsors. Very happy with their families, they offer us a meal of sucutis and salty tea … These children are still illiterates. They need a model to copy out the simple word “Namaste” and their names on a word of thanks to their sponsors.
  • An unexpected visit of the school does not allow to find one of the sponsored children. We shall add a condition of school attendance to the Sponsoring agreement, the purpose being to once and for all favor the education.
  • The three current sponsorings do not allow to balance the budget in particular the payment of evening and morning teacher. At present, the members of Friends of Nature pay each  a contribution of 700Rs / month. This situation is abnormal. Two more sponsorings are needed to balance the budget. The children to be sponsored, meaning to be schooled, do not miss. Araucaria needs new sponsors for the sustainability of this project.







Project ” Overcome the nutritional deficiencies of the Makalu’s Children”, plantations of kiwis.

Reminder: this project was put back to 2016 because of the partial destruction of the Robesha farm which shelters this project (as well as the Sponsoring program).


  • 200 feet of kiwis grow of differentiated manners. Only those grow correctly to whom it was added some animal compost. At present, training of 60 farmers to whom 30 feet each must be attributed. 
  • Leaves are also affected by insects. It is necessary to find natural repulsive.
  • The fence of the field is regularly broken up by wild animals. It is possible to protect it by an electric ribbon with high voltage impulses fed by a battery reloaded by solar energy. The study will be made in France on the indications of Friends of Nature.

Dawa dans le champ de kiwis


Reconstruction of the Robesha Farm

Reminder: the farm underwent important damages during the earthquake of April 25th. It shelters the Sponsoring program and the project ” Overcome the Nutritional deficiencies of the Makalu’s Children”. The financing of the reconstruction is acquired.


  • Photos were taken during the visit. A confirmation of the necessity of unsettling materials and total reconstructing, rather than a simple consolidation, will be asked to an architect’s office which proposed to help us.
  • This construction can start before the end of the year.
Robesha ferme

Les dommages causés par le tremblement de terre du 25 avril


La ferme de Robesha


CCAS Solidarity Travel, November, 2016

Reminder: the CCAS proposes a Solidarity Travel for 12 warned tourists, with 2 guides of whom a member of Araucaria from November 18th to December 4th, 2016.

Friends Of Nature judges as strategic this journey for the development of the region and its projects. Friends Of Nature will accompany the group in Kathmandu and in Makalu,


Awarding of a foetal doppler for the health center of Seduwa

This health center is the only one on whom depend the inhabitants of the valley. 4000 to 5000 people. There were 32 childbirthes in 2014.

The doppler will allow to listen to the cardiac beating of foeti as soon as the 10th week of pregnancy.

doppler Seduwa

remise du doppler au directeur du dispensaire de Seduwa


Preparation of a possible exploratory mission of the NGO CODEGAZ for the development of a pilot project of Biogas and SRI (System of Intensive Culture of Rice with high yield)

Meeting with the persons in charge of the Bio Gas Support Program of the Nepalese government ( BSP-Nepal), and the persons in charge of District Agricultural Development services.

Meeting with the Ambassadress of France in Kathmandu

The Ambassadress, Madam Martine Bassereau, received Jean-François with a great kindness and a great availability, on November 1st. It was the opportunity to exchange on aspects of the Nepalese society. She encourages and supports our actions in Makalu.

The possible Codegaz’ SRI and Biogas projects are also presented. The priority zone would be, for her, Makalu. If it turned out that Codegaz cannot really go to this region, the district of Gorkha (epicenter of the earthquake of 25/4) should be favored with regard to that of Chitwan, richer because of the important tourist development of the national park.

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